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Most courses focus on manifestation and prosperity but avoid the three-dimensional reality of balance which is a law of universal proportions. 


Our focus is on individual transformation and wholeness. This may include prosperity and manifestation, but we focus on fulfilling pure potential and how the manifestation of your wholeness both fits with and contributes to the collective.

​A school without walls.  A learning experience where everything is your classroom.

Each week participants are sent a Realm of understanding for that week. The purpose of each Realm is to help you identify how your personality currently operates within the realm and guide you into the inspired action of being true to who you know yourself to be. The  method is delivered via a weekly conference call supported by written emails, an ongoing social support mechanism and the knowledgeable authentication of those who have gone before you.

Touching base, finding guidance, reinforcing your course of action

Each Realm gives you a tool to identify your “personality”,  giving you the opportunity to “act” into the potential of who you truly are or what you feel you most came here to experience. We are a practical "implementation" tool, or what we like to call an "embodiment" tool. Though the specifics of the results can be vastly different depending on the individual and the choices they do or do not choose to “act” on, implementation of the tools and techniques can yield exponential rewards.The primary reason for the conference call is to keep the material in front of you in such a way that you do not lose sight of its primary function -- to keep your mind clear and your heart elevated in such a way that you continually step into in the inspired action of your life. In addition the weekly calls also expose you to the journey of others, thereby providing a valuable forum for feedback and sustenance. 

​Bringing together the passionate and the committed...

Life is most thrilling, exciting, uplifting, peaceful and fulfilling for those who actually step into their desires and “act” upon them. The more we learn, the more we grow,  the better life seems to get. Much of the human population spends their hours sitting on the sidelines watching and critiquing the action of others rather than being on the field of play themselves.


It seems as though the entire planet is feeding and fortifying the apparent polarity and duality of our existence rather than  fortifying our unique and collective transformation.


Vigilance to and support for our own and each other's transformation fortifies our forward trajectory. The ongoing support provided by both other participants and those who have ventured before you can be the most significant part of the program. More than anything we are here to help each other because that truly is the quickest way to help ourselves.​​


The 22 Steps
live well and flourish

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