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Are you maximizing your gifts and living true to your highest and fullest potential?

Do you sometimes feel like someone else is living inside your head?

Is there some pattern, habit or compulsion you just know you can transcend?


Do you understand the workings of your subconscious mind and how the intelligent field speaks to you?
Are your primary relationships bringing you peace, fulfillment, passion and Joy?

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When I was 5 years old, my mother returned from my first grade parent-teacher conference in a bit of a snit.  “What on earth are you doing telling your teachers you have sisters!” she yelled at me.  “I want sisters!” the 5-year-old me ranted back,  to which she replied; “Well you don’t have sisters, you have only brothers!  So stop telling people you have sisters!” Such was the beginning of my conscious memory and what would become a many-years-long battle between me and my very active imagination and my distressed mother who was trying to figure out what to do with her compulsively lying and forever embellishing son.  Years later, advanced psychology would inform similar parents that children who embellished effusively were probably doing so because of their active imaginations, and that they should not be punished, but should be encouraged to grow this imagination as long as they were taught and could decipher what was real and what was imagined.  This information did not help me or her at the time, but this is not the point.

The point is, that no more than a year later, my family moved to a town nearby where diagonally across the street from my new house was a home where two girls lived; one a grade ahead of me, the other a grade behind.  These girls became and to this day are my “sisters.”  They may not have been borne by my mother, but even she speaks of the one closest emotionally to me as, “the daughter I never had.”  Had I known then what I know now about the  world and how things manifest, I would have had a very different life.  Realistically, looking back, I can see that virtually everything I have imagined, with the strength of conviction that I imagined my “sisters” with, has always manifested in the world and, without exception, beyond what I had originally imagined.  I am not the only person with a vivid imagination; you have one too!  It is part of human nature and lives in each and every one of us.


Scientists, philosophers, and creative thinkers are now alluding to the toroidal nature of our universe. They are finding that precise mathematical toroidal codes dictate the actualization of all potential, from the mass and movement of planets and stars within a solar system right down to the subatomic behavior of quarks and leptons. As human beings we have free will and free choiceUnderstanding how precisely the toroidal codes manifest reality, depending on our choice and focus, enables us to gain control of and enhance our lives accordingly. 

Once an individual understands this, he or she can begin to take complete control over outcomes and begin living a life beyond his or her wildest dreams.  It is you who most influences which of your hopes, dreams, inspirations, aspirations and individual potential is actualized and which is not and it all starts in your imagination​.