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The 22 Steps

Click down on menu to pay at your own rate

The 22 Steps is a powerful and exacting tool for excavating ones gifts and talents and then marrying them to their passions.  While those operating at our affiliate level pay the highest rate, they also participate in a financial return.  Whether or not you're interested to participate a this Level we don't want finances to deter you, rather, we want you to participate at level that is right for you and feels good to you.  We do ask that your contribution be monthly, until such time as you decide to discontinue the support.  So, using the drop down menu please pick the price that is right for you.  We promise it will be the rate that is right for us too!!

Virtually every individual who has fully applied themselves to the The 22 Steps  has achieved results beyond what they originally had expected.  However it requires both commitment and effort.  Because success of the program is dependent entirely on individual commitment and effort we do not offer money back guarantees.  But we do offer you to pay at a rate that is affordable to you by continuing you acknowledge that you understand monies received are final
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dare to dream big dreams and live them!

Click down on menu to pay at your own rate

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