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Dare to dream big dreams and live them!

Manifesting Greatness – Actualizing the life you are born to live

Each and every one of us is born with innate gifts -- talents that come so naturally to us we wonder why anyone would have a hard time making use of them.  We also each possess passions; events, circumstances and or life happenings that we long for or strive to experience (or avoid). 

Even though this greatness lies within us and all around us, often times our day to day experience simply does not reflect this back.   Manifesting Greatness is designed to "reset" a participant's neurological pathways by helping them solidify their beliefs in such a way that their thoughts, words, actions, habits and values begin to reflect back to them, from outside and all around them, a life they would design for themselves versus one that seems to be happening to them by default.  By developing individual gifts and talents and then teaching participants how to marry them to their passions they and everyone around them begins to thrive.


Whether the experience one reaches for is in the area of love and personal relationships, money and finance, work and creative expression, play and recreation, body and self-image, health and well-being or all of the above and then some, Manifesting Greatness guides participants directly into the “experience” their lives, proving that dreams really do come true, teaching them exactly how to actualize the life they most long for, while allowing what has not worked for them to fall away naturally.

This Manifesting Greatness tool is a powerful tool that can be incorporated into any individual's life and will, if practiced with commitment and determination, yield astonishing results.  These results that will enhance any organization, no matter how large or small it may be or what the individual beliefs are of the people that make up the organization..

If you are an Operations Executive, CEO, Business Owner, Training Director, member of the Clergy, Physician, Therapist, Counselor, Teacher, and or Life Coach, we would love to partner with you and see how you might add the Manifesting Greatness Program to your own personal battery of success tools in order to enhance the lives of those who come in contact with you.

Please contact us today for a personalized proposal to determine how we might best proceed.

W B Blinn, developer of Manifesting Greatness and author of the book by the same name, has been a management /human resources development consultant for more than thirty years.   He began his consulting career as a management systems engineer working for Massachusetts Joint Venturers at the renowned Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, MA.  In this capacity, Mr. Blinn discovered that it was actually individual belief and company culture that determined whether or not an organization would flourish with change, growth and success.  A fascination with human potential and its effects, both on individual and company success, inspired his own independent study and the testing of his discoveries with his private clients.  Over the years, the insights he gained evolved into this simple but precise set of tools now known as Manifesting Greatness.

Throughout his professional thirty plus year career, Mr. Blinn has manifested his own dreams which have included, but are not limited to the development of human resource and potential.  He has successfully consulted with individuals, CEO's, managers, division heads,and employees in the development of corporate visions and statements of purpose, coupled with the design and implementation of management, sales, and marketing systems to support them. He has inspired transformation in a variety of individuals and businesses including manufacturing, distribution, hospitality, and education as well as integrative/functional/holistic medicine and health care.