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Modern quantum mechanics dictates that we first build everything from the inside and open our hearts and minds to receive that which the quantum field sends our way. The more we allow ourselves to find and pursue what we feel drawn to, what breathes life to us from within, and focus on that, the easier it will be to thrive. Most of us engage, fuel, and feed our egos first because present-day social culture indoctrinates us to do this. But true happiness only starts when we learn to be true to ourselves and contribute by engaging our ego to fulfill our inner calling rather than vice versa. 


The 22 Steps
thrive in the inspired action of your life

205 825 9496


      8:00 PM        Eastern Time
      7:00 PM        Central Time
           6:00 PM        Mountain Time
      5:00 PM        Pacific Time
       2:00 PM        Hawaii Time


I am an Individual seeking to flourish in a world where I can merge my deepest inner calling with how my ego and personality express themselves in the outer factual world.

I am an Executive manifesting corporate strategies with emergent and ongoing business success.  

The 22 Steps
live well and flourish

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