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The 22 Steps is an action based personal mastery program geared at helping you manifest your individual hopes, dreams and personal and or professional aspirations.  It is both methodical and actionable and the results can be felt immediately by anyone who commits to and applies themselves to the program fully.
Most people spend much of their day either daydreaming about the life they’d love to have or focusing on watching others living a life that seems to elude them.  Some people spend their day actively worrying about what they "don't want," and a few even  spend time fantasizing about how to "get even" with others that bother them or may stand in their way.  
Daydreaming, worrying, and/or focusing on "getting even" can, and often times will, turn out to be counterproductive, if not downright destructive, especially to those harboring such thoughts and feelings which they may or may not take action on.  What the 22 Steps does is guide you into who you are deeply; giving you individual clarity into what you most have to contribute, providing you direct experience of what it is like to build a quality life for yourself, step by step, moment by moment from the inside out.