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The 22 Steps Affiliate subscription is for individuals who have committed fully to transforming not only their own lives, but also to the lives of the individuals that surround them.  Affiliate subscription is for those who who thrive on networking and spreading the word and are happy to receive compensation for the successful efforts they take in this regard. 
The 22 Steps Affiliate Subscription includes ongoing access to the The 22 Steps 22-Week program including ongoing support and guidance for proper application of the tools into everyday life.  In addition Affiliate Subscription also provides ongoing access to the ever evolving The 22 Steps  curriculum and social media network.

The requirement to receive Affiliate compensation ** is payment for one full round of
The 22 Steps along with a paid ongoing monthly subscription fee ($94.49)  for  The the 22 Steps program.   Compensation will be paid out to Partners only after they have met the monthly subscription requirement.

Virtually every individual who has fully applied themselves to the The 22 Steps program has achieved results beyond what they originally had expected.  However it r​equires both commitment and effort​.  Because success of the program is dependent entirely on individul commitment and effort we do not offer money back guarantees.  By continuing you are acknowledge that you understand and agree to the terms that the sale of the The 22 Steps program is final.