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Matthew Love

Manifesting Greatness

Personal Mastery Coach

Matthew Love, a gifted facilitator, Pcoach, and spiritual practitioner feels the power of potential and possibility in the “two or more gathering” to be for him, among the best juicy stuff of life. Through life’s promises and passages Matthew has held vigil for families with loved ones in hospital and hospice care, officiated memorials and unions, facilitated the celebrations of new babies, homes, businesses and careers and inspired crowds of thousands with wit, warmth and heart.

Love is the essential compelling message of LIFE and the core essence of who we truly are. Always available through the dissolution of false beliefs, judgments and lies, there is nothing to be acquired but simply revealed, our own magnificence an ultimate, intrinsic reality and that which Matthew aptly assists in changing minds and opening hearts to. Within us all is that which we’ve always known, and known that we’ve known. The brilliant light of Matthew’s gifts reveals this radical non duality of profound remembrance, unifying all people and life.

$150.00 per hour