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Whether you're looking to maximize your gifts and live your highest potential; bring fulfillment, passion and joy to your current relationships; transcend a pattern or habit that is no longer serving you; or prepare for your very best years which you know are yet to come, the 22 Steps subscriptions help participants build a solid foundation, plan a clear trajectory and then, from a deeply present place of being, act into the greatest potential that they see.
We start by asking you some basic foundational questions

As you answer the foundational questions they will begin to jog for you the deeper recesses of your imagination and help you begin to REMEMBER who you are and then IMAGINE INTO the life you feel meant to live.  Until we have developed a clear focus towards an inspired action we are a bit adrift in the journey of life and at the mercy of unconscious impulses and reactions.


A school without walls.  A learning experience where everything is your classroom.

Each week participants are sent a step for that week.  The purpose of each step is to guide you into the inspired action of your life by helping you develop and access very specific intelligences which you learn to embody through action.  The format is a weekly conference call supported by; written emails, an ongoing social support mechanism and the knowledgeable authentification of those who have gone before you. 

​Touching base, finding guidance, reinforcing your course of action

The 22 Steps puts you into the "action" of your life.  We are a practical "implementation " tool or what we like to call an "embodiment" tool.   Though the specifics of the results can be vastly different depending on the individual and their own process, implementation of the tools and techniques yields the same rewards. The primary reason for the conference call is to keep the material in front of you in such a way that you do not lose sight of its primary function -- to keep you in the action of your life. In addition the weekly calls also help you learn what others do to maintain their focus and give you a valuable live forum for feedback and sustenance.   

Bringing together the passionate and the committed

Life is most thrilling, exciting, uplifting, peaceful and fulfilling for those who actually step into their desires and “act” upon them.  Interestingly enough, however, most of the human population spends their hours sitting on the sidelines watching the action of others rather than being in the field of play themselves.   The ongoing support provided by both other participants and those who have ventured before you can be the most significant part of the program.  More than anything we are here to help each other because it truly is the quickest way to help ourselves.