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Hal Bahr

Human Design


Hal Bahr is a full-time certified professional astrologer and Human Design practitioner who has worked with many hundreds of clients around the world, taught classes, and spoken to groups and on podcasts about both astrology and Human Design from a number of perspectives. 

After extensive study and research Hal found that Human Design, when used effectively, became a powerful tool that could cut through layers of mental projection and conditioning to access one’s own natural power and ability to make great life decisions. He applies his insight and experience to support others to find their way to bypass the mind and get in touch with the wisdom of their own body's genetic code, including the ability to see where and how one is most likely to be affected by, and able make conscious choices about, the energy of those that surround them.

Hal’s guiding philosophy can be summed up in one simple statement; “When we stop trying to be what we are not and instead fully recognize and embrace what we are we become magnets for success, happiness, and the serendipity of being the right person in the right place at the right time.”

$150.00 per hour