Manifesting Greatness LIFE COACH CERTIFICATION 1

Dare to dream big dreams and live them!

The Manifesting Greatness Life Coach Certification 1 subscription is for individuals who have committed fully to transforming not only their own lives and the lives of the individuals that surround them, but also want to make a career or life path out of assisting others with their personal transformations.  Quite simply our Life Coach Certification 1 subscription is for those who thrive on helping others live a rewarding life to the fullest and want to make a career of it.

The Manifesting Greatness
Life Coach Certification 1 requires participants to complete six 22 week rounds of the Manifesting Greatness program along with ten one on one sessions with Manifesting Greatness Certified Life Coaches.

Participant's subscribing to the Manifesting Greatness
Life Coach Certification 1 program receive the same ​compensation ** as the Manifesting Greatness program including all the Partner benefits (ongoing program  participation, and access to the social network).  Life Coach Certification 1 subscribers will also receive dedicated coaching from Manifesting Greatness Coaches and Stewards.   As with Partner subscribers compensation will be paid out to Coaches ​​​​only after they have met their monthly subscription requirement.

Virtually every individual who has fully applied themselves to the Manifesting Greatness program has achieved results beyond what they originally had expected.  However it r​equires both commitment and effort​.  Because success of the program is dependent entirely on individul commitment and effort we do not offer money back guarantees.  By continuing you are acknowledge that you understand and agree to the terms that the sale of the Manifesting Greatness  program is final.    ** Coaches receive a $199.00 referral fee for the first round of any participant once they and the participant have paid for the round.  In addition ​​Coaches also receive proportional compensation for any monthly subscription fees paid by participants they have referred down seven levels.  In addition, once fully certified Manifesting Greatness Life Coaches become Stewards and eligible to receive additional compensation for coaching and stewarding services they provide to Manifesting Greatness subscribers.

please select the payment plan that works best for you

24 monthly payments $220.00/month 

12 monthly payments $430.00/month

8 monthly payments $640.00/month

4 monthly payments $1,260.00/month

2 monthly payments $2,490.00/month

pay in full for $4,500.00

ongoing monthly partner subscription $49.94/month


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