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Q: “How is this transformation course different from others?”  


Most courses focus on Prosperity, we focus on transformation this may include prosperity and manifestation but be we focus on the whole being not just parts.

Q:“How will this course transform my life?” 


Those who apply themselves to the program have utter transformations, it improves their health, their happiness, their well being, their financial prosperity, their relationships and their self-esteem.

Q: “I’m so busy, how do I find the time to complete this course?”


The program is a go at your pace, but with Tier 3 you will unlock access to the recorded calls.

Q: What if I join half way through ongoing course? 


The curriculum is ongoing and is not hierarchical you can join at anytime.

Q: What is Human Design and why should I feel incentivized to join the tier that offers a personal reading, and greater understanding of HD? 

There are numerous tools that are available to understand our natural responses to thing…tools like Myers Briggs and Deloitte’s Business Chemistry.  These tools are, for the most part, subjective.  Human Design is a more objective tool that can be used to help you identify how your intuition speaks to you, how you remain "open" to information that may be helpful to you, where you’re operating out of your conditioning and where and how you are most likely to be true to who you are.  It can also help you see how you’re best motivated to work with others and a quick way to resolve conflicts with others be they professional or personal

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Q: Why is it more valuable to get my writings assessed if you already give me the, foundation, structure, and outline for the writings and steps, as well as already receiving guidance on the calls?


Because as we change and grow our lives change and grow. There is a spiritual anomaly that we can see all the way down from where we've come but only one step above where we are. As we change and grow it is helpful to have the guidance of those who have gone before us so that we don't just reach a plateau and rest on our laurels, rather that we keep reaching for the highest manifestation of who we have come here to be and what we have come here to contribute.


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